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Mind-Body Health and Well-Being through Mindfulness and Compassion Training 

Stress Management Solutions provides mindfulness and compassion classes in the Kalamazoo region to help individuals improve health, well-being and interpersonal harmony. Click here for a list of upcoming class offerings. To learn about and practice mindfulness plan to attend a public drop-in class:

Drop-in class - 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 6 to 7 pm @ New Moon Books, 730 East Cork Street, Kalamazoo. Donations accepted, $5 suggested to sustain this offering.

Why Mindfulness and Compassion Training?

The answer is simple, mindfulness training has been tested in hundreds of research studies and found to be uniquely effective in improving overall health and well-being by reducing stress and anxiety and improving attention and relationships. Just like physical exercise, which strengthens the body, mindfulness exercise strengthens mind, emotion and body balance.

Mindfulness Defined

Mindfulness is the ability to be attentive to our moment to moment experience in a non-judgmental, non-reactive and kind manner.  Instead of unconsciously reacting to life, based on past habits and conditioning, mindfulness gives you the freedom to consciously respond to life from a fresh, creative and compassionate perspective.

Who Practices Mindfulness and Compassion?

Mindfulness and compassion training is commonly taught in such settings as: healthcare, psychotherapy, education, business and sports.

Benefits – based on 100s of research  studies 

  • Lowers levels of psychological distress including depression, stress and anxiety
  • Improves immune function
  • Lowers rates of health-related absenteeism and fewer hospital admissions
  • Fosters overall sense of well-being and life satisfaction
Emotional Resilience:
  • Develops stable self-esteem and less dependence on external rewards
  • Increases empathy for self and other
  • Improves awareness, understanding, and acceptance of emotions and more rapid recovery from bad moods
Interpersonal Relationships:
  • Increases collaboration and ability to see other’s point  of view
  • Develops authentic communication
  • Lessens likeliness to react defensively or aggressively when under threat
  • Reduces workplace conflict
  • Improves attention, performance, and job satisfaction
  • Increases capacity to hold and manipulate information
  • Lowers levels of impulsivity and distraction

Mindfulness Training 

Stress Management Solutions provides Mindfulness training to individuals to develop three mindfulness capacities:

  • Self-Awareness – unbiased awareness of self
  • Self-Regulation – ability to be aware of and regulate emotional response
  • Self-Transcendence -positive relationship between self and other that transcends self-focused needs, improves interpersonal relationships and service to society

Course teach three-core skills:

  • Focused Attention Training – Concentration practice using body and breathing awareness
  • Open Monitoring Training – Mindfulness practice working with feeling, emotions, thoughts and worldviews
  • Emotional Enhancement Training– Kindness and compassion practice

Training Opportunities

To sample our training first hand visit one of our weekly drop-in classes, schedule a free presentations, or check out upcoming classes. 

If you have questions feel free to contact Eric Nelson at 269-553-6621 or EricVnelson1@gmail.com