Mindfulness Fundamentals

Mindfulness Fundamentals

6- Week – Mindfulness Fundamentals Course

Research shows secular Mindfulness Meditation to be a powerful antidote to the stresses of modern life. Mindfulness  practice is uniquely effective in addressing a wide range of health issue, emotional stressors, and interpersonal challenges and is increasingly used by: business, health care, psychotherapy, education and sports.

Our 6-week course teaches you essential mindfulness practices that can be used throughout your day to help you more effectively work with difficult thoughts, emotions and even physical pain.  With practice you become less judgmental and reactive and you increase your curiosity, kindness, contentment, task effectiveness and overall well-being.

Mindfulness training helps you understand that our habitual tendency to grasp at pleasant experiences or push away unpleasant experiences, creates stress and suffering in your life. By becoming more mindful in all our daily activities you learn to ride the ups and downs of life with less stress, fear or anger.

What you learn:

  • Letting go of unhealthy habits of thinking and behaving
  • Sensing life directly through fresh eyes
  • Living in the present and being less preoccupied with thoughts of past and future
  • Working creatively with difficult thoughts and emotions
  • Acknowledging life as it is without resistance, while acting wisely and responsibly
  • Developing self and other compassion
  • Mindfulness @ Work

Registration fee $175, includes manual, handouts and on-line resources.  For additional information email:  EricVnelson1@gmail.com or call Eric @ 269-553-6621.

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